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Jieyang Rongshen brand tape Co., Ltd.

Date:2013-01-01      Source:The Metal Enterprises union      Author:The Metal Enterprises union

    Jieyang Rongshen brand tape Co., Ltd.,which was established in 1992, is a manufacture mainly produce and sell Hardware Tools products such as steel tape, cloth ruler, steel ruler, vernier caliper, knife, screwdriver etc. In 2001, the company was agreed by the Shanghai SASAC to wholly acquired with famous brand trademark "three circles" which is under Shanghai Standard Measuring Tape with a history of more than 50 years. "Three circles", a historic national brands as well as a well-known international brand,was once awarded as “the National Silver Medal "and “Shanghai Famous Tool”by the Ministry of Light Industry. Rongshen has constantly chasing  technological innovation and has been in strategic cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Tools. In 2012, the company has successfully developed a tape measure which has achieved a precision standards for national certification, and has become the first domestic high-tech enterprises of this technology.

All in all, Jieyang Rongshen brand tape Co., Ltd.has the following features:

1. The company has been awarded various rewards by the nation in the past 20 years, it is a worthy-trusted company with high quality and good reputation.
2.  The two trademark "Rongshen" and "Three Circle" are famous national trademarks, which have been widely recognized by a great number of loyal consumers at home and abroad.
3. The company has strong technology, insist on technological innovation and has the first national level accuracy standard production technology the domestic.