Recruitment of CEO for Guangdong Zhongde Metal Technical R&D Co., Ltd.

Date:2013-03-27      Source:MEUJ      Author:MEUJ

      Guangdong Zhongde Metal Technological Research and Development Co., Ltd. is founded by Guangdong Zhongde Group and German Capital Enterprise, located in South China (Jieyang) Metal Eco-City, a professional supplier for a total pro365体育直cessing solution of metal technical R & D, to supply service of professional technical R & D for metal manufacturing enterprises, to set up a public service platform for metal technical transformation and development, and to promote the foundation, transformation, creation and industrialization of metal technical results.
      The company will supply a one-stop technical service system for metal manufacturing research and development, in a flow-line form of modularity, standardization and industrialization, supplying service for clients in a projects’ R & D process, including getting government’s funds support and social funds investment. At the same time, the company actively sets up the strategic cooperation overseas metal R & D institute oriented by Germany, introduces national advanced metal technical projects to serve Chinese market, and promotes the production of overseas technology in China. To do so, a social recruitment of distinguished men as:
Recruiting Position: CEO (Position Code: KJYF_001)
Position Description:
1) Set a general strategic plan for Metal Technical R & D Co., Ltd. and supervise its implementation.
2) According to the company’s general strategic plan, work out a company’s annual operating plan to ensure successful implementation of the strategic plan.
3) Organize an inner organizational structure of Metal Technical R & D Co., Ltd., and define the function and business process of each department.
4) Be in charge of convening and presiding over the general manager office meeting, coordinate, review and supervise the work of each department;
5) Organize and improve the inner managing system, support the daily operation of Metal Technical R & D Co., Ltd., and review the implementation of strategic plan and operation plan;
6) Set up a complete company financial management system, organize to make a financial policy, examine and approve grand financial expenditures, as well as organize and implement financial budgets;
7) Represent the company to arrange external business and PR activities;
8) Advocate the company’s business culture and operation philosophy to build a corporate image
9) Fulfill other tasks from the board.


1) Master degree or above, German working or communicating experiences in relative fields is preferred.
2) Fluently expressing abilities of English or German reading, writing and speaking
3) Over 10 years working experiences, including over 5 years working experiences in metal or related industry, and over 2 years top management experiences
4) Have the knowledge about strategic management, financial management and law;
5) Good at writing, oral speaking, communicating and coordinating.

If you are interested in the position above, please send your CV, a recent photo and copies of certificates to the mailbox:
For more information, please visit
Contacts: Yang Zhixin, Sun Donghui, Li Yisi
Phone No.: 4008-941 333    0663-8766216
Notice: before sending CV, please rename the file as: ‘position (or position code) _name of applicant_date’